8 May 2011

Birthday Boy

It's all systems go with Uni work at the moment, with just 11 days until the FINAL DEADLINE! But last week was Jack's birthday and cakes are his favourite thing so I couldn't not bake for him! Despite turning 24, Jack is possibly the biggest Toy Story fan (and biggest kid) going. I found these little cuties on a blog (which I will post when I come across again as it was pretty amazing) and just had to try them out! They are vanilla sponge with vanilla butter cream icing and fondant balls for the little eyes. I got a break from the computer screen and Jack satisfied his sweet tooth...smiles all round!

2 May 2011

BABE (Bristol Artists Book Event)

This weekend I attended the Bristol Artists Book Event at the Arnolfini. With over 100 local, national and international book artists selling their work over three floors it was definitely worth a visit. I collected lots of  business cards and other nice things. My favourite buy was the ornamental letterpress stamps for which I am frantically looking for a excuse to use! We had a chance to talk to many of the artists themselves, about their work and about our own work too. I even managed to stumble across the former chair of ISTD, Jonathan Doney who congratulated me on my acceptance! Jonathan is the founder of The Spitfire Press, and creator of some really amazing print work!

 Alongside the Bristol Artists Book Event was a project called The World Atlas in Bristol. The organizers were giving visitors of the event pieces of paper with place names from around the world and asking them to draw/write what they knew about that particular place. There were some really interesting responses and it was nice to see how people had approached the task differently.

Heather-Anne Kendrick MISTD

I received an exciting e-mail a week or so ago informing me that I had passed the Student Assessment and had been awarded membership of the International Society of Typographic Designers! I was extremely happy with the news and am looking forward to the award ceremony in June! Have a look at the work I submitted here.