28 March 2011

ISTD Student Assessment 2011

After a horrendously stressful final week I submitted my work to the International Society of Typographic Designers for their 2011 Student Assessments. It has been without a doubt the hardest few weeks of my entire time at uni, full of sleepless nights, tears and lots of Coca Cola and Malteaser Bunnies to get me through! I'm pleased with my outcome, but it is now in the hands of the judges and will be a few weeks until we hear anything back!
I completed a brief called 'Fakery', and chose to look at False Memories and the controversy and confusion that surrounds them. My final outcome was a series of four screen printed posters displaying cases studies of false memories, accompanied by a 32 page perfect bound book explaining what they are and the debate that surrounds them. The posters were screen printed with pearlescent ink onto off-white paper to make the writing accessible only in certain lights. This was to reflect the idea that to discover the truth in a false memory or confabulation the therapist must work to access it, like the reader must work to access the truth on my poster. Here are some images of the final pieces that I submitted along with the rest of my work.

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  1. Well done! Your work was so good. I love the screen prints, such a good idea. x