29 September 2010

New Blood

Last year we were given a workshop brief to produce an A3 screen-printed poster for the D&AD New Blood and Student Awards 2010. We were given a set grid to design the poster on and a list of rules to follow which  meant we could only use two colours of our chosing and certain fonts and sizes specified in the rules. Our outcomes were to be based on research we had carried out on Swiss design. The final posters were then put up around London to advertise the event.

26 September 2010

Say Cheese

After seeing photos that I took of my Mum completing the Brighton Marathon, my Auntie asked me to take some pictures of her boys. Some of the shots are incredibly cute and some friends of my Aunties have already asked if I can do some portraits of their children too. I'd never really considered this kind of work before but it could be a really good way to develop my photography skills so I'm willing to give it a go!

25 September 2010


I have never really been a huge animal lover so wasn't particularly fussed when my Mum decided to introduce Brodie as the new member of our family. I grew to love him over the summer and can't deny that I miss him now I'm back at Uni. None of my house mates seem to run to the door when I get home from work and roll over to get their tummy tickled. Strange that.

23 September 2010

Old School

I was probably a tad too excited when I stumbled across these Frosties in a small newsagents in Carlise on the way to Scotland. I used to love them as a kid and haven't seen them around for years...even better...they are still only 10p a packet. Retro sweets at retro prices. Score.

I Do

After a 500 mile road trip spent in the back of the car with my brothers I was extremely glad to arrive in Scotland for the wedding of my cousin Elainne and her fiance Stephen. Suprisingly, the sun was out so the ceremony was held outside and it was nothing short of beautiful. It was a lovely day spent with all the family, I just wish I could have hidden in Elainne's suitcase and joined them on their honeymoon to Zanzibar! All the best to them both for the future!

8 September 2010

Some Like it Cold

It's September. We're in Scotland. The sea is cold.
Nevertheless, my fearless mother, born and bred in the Bonnie Country, braves the water.
Sometimes I have to remind myself which one of us is younger, but I love her for it.