29 June 2011

It's Been Too Long...Again.

So here I am apologising for my blogging rubbishness once again...except this time my reason is more than valid. I have had a busy couple of months which has all just blurred into one big emotional roller coaster ride. It all began with the final deadline for my Self Directed Study...followed with excess celebrations of freedom of course. The week after I modelled for a friend in the UWE Graduate Fashion Show, then my work was displayed for a week at the UWE Degree Show, I attended the ISTD Awards ceremony in London and packed up three years of my life in Bristol and moved back to sunny Sussex! Finally, and perhaps most importantly, today I received my final degree classification.  I am now more than happy to say that I passed my degree with First Class Honours! 
I will post up the pictures of the above events and of my final work that was displayed in the degree show...just as soon as I find the lead for my camera in one of those neatly packed boxes...hmmm.