8 July 2010

Can't Take My Eyes Off You

For another second year project we were each given an exact location around the city of Bristol. Our task was to sit in that same spot for five hours and observe and record everything we saw. We then had to use our recordings to produce either a Typographic Piece or a short motion clip, with the aim of giving the viewer a sense of the place we observed. I felt slightly like a stalker and received some funny looks and comments from passers by...hence my final piece.

6 July 2010


Hours of precious sunbathing time spent chasing Thai Dragonflies with my super-zoom new lens paid off. These are by far my favourite photographic achievements to date...the detail when you enlarge the pictures is more than good. If I do say so myself.

5 July 2010


Mum completed the Brighton Marathon this year. A first for Brighton and a first for my Mum. Massively proud of the commitment, dedication and pure (wo)man hours she put into her training. Best role model. Ever.

Time for Tea

Two variations of an information graphic poster made for a second year project. I wanted to display the number of different types of hot drinks sold each hour throughout the day in the Student Union Bar. Through doing this I found that whilst coffee based drinks are most popular in the morning, tea is most popular in the afternoon. Caffiene seems like the clever way to start the day!