29 November 2010

Berry Nice

I visited home this weekend for a friend's birthday and took full advantage of home comforts! My mum has the best kitchen to bake in so with the help of my little brother I made these raspberry cupcakes with white chocolate icing. My mum wasn't too impressed with the layer of icing sugar coating the entire kitchen, but I think the cakes more than made up for it!

22 November 2010

Catherine Nippe

Today Catherine Nippe came to our university to give a presentation as part of the preparation for our end of year publication based on the subject of 'Graphic Design as a Lingua Franca'. After her presentation, my group was selected to interview her further on the subject. She is a really interesting woman, fluent in three languages and very intelligent. It was really good to get to speak to someone from the industry about their practice and experience in graphic design.

Bridging the Gap

Last week we had a one day group workshop in university. Our task was to set a brief to make a metaphorical bridge between two groups of people/things/situations. We then swapped briefs with another group to get one which we would work on. Our brief asked us to connect people with nature and the countryside. We did this by producing a flat pack 'grow your own' herbs starter kit. The idea was that anyone could follow the simple instructions to become introduced to growing their own herbs.

13 November 2010


I just found these pictures of a first year project I did based on my visit exhibition at Bristol Museum. Hours spent drawing outlines of dozens of butterflies led me to my final piece.


My tutor asked us to set up Twitter accounts and follow our tutor group online so she can keep us updated with weekly tasks and relevant links and references. If you have a twitter account then follow me!

11 November 2010

Everything About One Thing

Here are some photos I took of my favourite pages in the final book about tea. The book was hardback bound in eight page sections. The cover was white cloth with the title written down the spine in blue foil lettering...possibly my favourite part of the design!

9 November 2010

Tea Stains

Whilst working on my book about tea, I decided to try out tea staining some type. Making the stencil by hand took a lot of patience but the end result was really nice, so I decided to tea stain a map of Britain too.

About Time

I have finally decided to get round to putting up my work from the 'Everything About One Thing' project we completed at the end of the second year. The project required us to pick one thing, research it exhaustively, and produce a book or magazine to display the information we had found. The 'thing' I chose was Tea. Here are some of my favourite images I took during the research stage of the project.