28 March 2011

Your Town

For my self-directed study I have asked myself the question, what is England? I am attempting to look at the country for what it is, what it consists of. I am exploring things both physical and sociological using a number of different methods. I identified early on that it would be impossible for me to personally travel round and explore the country in the time frame given, so I came up with a solution. I made contact with a number of people who live in different places throughout the country. I have sent them each a disposable camera with a list of instructions on what to capture, and a questionnaire asking them about their town. So far I have received one reply which is currently being developed...I am very excited to see the results!


  1. Ah thats such a good idea! How exciting. Which towns were they sent off to? x

  2. Thank you Rosie! So far I sent it to Leeds, Brighton, London, Liverpool, Newcastle and Torquay! Exciting stuff! x