16 October 2011

Nos encanta México!

This summer feels like it has passed by so quickly! Although university is over, I still felt crazy busy and always seem to be rushing form one thing to another! I am very happy to finally be blogging about the amazing Mexican vacation we took back in August...I have been so eager to share the photos!
Ten days spent watching sunrises and sunsets, swimming with whale sharks in the open ocean, snorkeling on the Great Maya Reef, zipping around on F1 speedboats, swimming with dolphins, cliff jumping, feeding iguanas, floating down lazy rivers, swinging on ziplines and of course finding some time to relax on the beautiful beaches sipping ice cold mojitos...they are definitely up there with the best days of my life! 
Whilst we were there we also took the opportunity to visit one of the 'new' Seven wonders of the World, the Mayan pyramids of Chichen Itza. I was truly amazed by the intelligence of the Mayan people which came through in the architecture of their villages. They managed to suss out the structure of our solar system and how it worked without the use of a single telescope! The visit definitely sparked our determination to visit the other Seven Wonders of the World...where will we go next?!

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